Global Care

It is with great honor that the state of Amazonas will host the 5th PAN-AMAZON ONCOLOGY CONGRESS in September, 2019 at the Vasco Vasques Convention Center in Manaus. This is an initiative taken by the Foundation Center for Amazonas State Oncology Control – FCECON, which has been involved in fostering the discussion and technical improvement of professionals working in the health care area, especially in Oncology Patient care.

In this 5th edition, the event will focus on “Integrated Care in Oncology: redefining patient approach”, and focusing attention on the importance of global and humanized care. The congress will include debates on current topics such as approaches to higher prevalence tumors in the Amazon region, as well as new technologies linked to oncology in all areas.

The debates will be multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary in order to promote an integrated action in relation to the patient in the diagnostic, clinical, psychological and humanistic sense, in addition to focusing on prevention strategies. Another feature of this edition is that emphasis will be placed on the contributions of the scientific community to the discussion of meta-analysis scientific articles, which deals with controversial issues of approaches to patients. In this way, the event will include areas of interest for students and professionals in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, biomedicine, biology, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, dentistry, speech therapy, social work and other fields of interest in oncology.

It is estimated that about 1,200 congress participants will participate among speakers, researchers, professors, technicians and scholars. The panel of speakers will be composed of renowned professionals from our state, as well as speakers from other states and abroad.

The main scientific, technological and innovation contribution will be to promote current and innovative discussions in the approach to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment and present scientific papers with results of cancer studies in the Amazon region, as well as to integrate professionals working in oncology in the Pan-Amazonian region, in order to strengthening the academic and scientific ties in favor of the formation of a network of oncological care that integrates the Amazon region in a stronger way in the national scenario.

As the Pan-Amazonian Oncology Congress has already become a tradition and a milestone in national oncology, we would like to welcome those who will join us again, and those who will share this opportunity for the first time. Come and live this experience with us!