Submission of abstracts by 30/08/2019


  • Submission of scientific papers (abstracts) represents the author’s definitive commitment to present the paper(s), if accepted, during the event at a time and place to be communicated. The content of the paper and presentation is the sole responsibility of the author(s).
  • It is mandatory that the author of the paper is enrolled in the event in order for the abstract to be submitted for evaluation.
  • Each registration will give you the right to attend the congress and to submit up to two abstracts as the main author.
  • Each paper should have one main author and up to seven (7) co-authors. The abstracts should be submitted exclusively via the online system at the address, in the scientific papers area.
  • Abstracts sent by e-mail, fax or other transmission of documents will not be accepted and will not be processed by the Scientific Paper Evaluation Committee.
  • At the time of submission, the registrant will have access to a copy of his / her scientific paper (s) so that he/she can confirm its content before making the submission. Once made, it will not be possible to make changes and the authors assume full responsibility on the content of the paper.
  • The abstracts will be submitted to the evaluating committee appointed by the Organizing Committee of the event, which will approve only those that are in accordance with the norms defined for submitting papers and in accordance with the ethical precepts established by Resolution 466/2012 of the National Health Council  and Letter No 166/2018-CONEP
  • The author may access the analysis status of the abstract via the registration area according to the schedule.
  • Selected papers will be presented in electronic poster form or oral presentation. A fee of R $ 30.00 (thirty reais) will be charged per approved paper, and printing is not required. The fee must be paid through a link available in the job submission area of the registrant, through PagSeguro, and must be made until 09/06/2019. We ask that the registrant be in possession of proof of payment (s) for presentation in case of eventualities.
  • The rules for submitting the papers will be made available to the authors of the abstracts approved by the evaluating committee, via the participant’s area.
  • The works will be displayed and presented on the day, place, time and display device indicated in the presentation schedule to be defined by the Scientific Committee and published on the event website, according to specifications to be made available later by the commission.
  • Five papers will be selected for the coordinated oral communication section, according to the scores obtained according to the evaluation criteria of the abstracts, which will be judged by the evaluating committee. We reiterate that they will also be exhibited in the “Electronic Poster” mode during the event.
  • The certificate will be made available online in the member’s area, in PDF format, on the Congress website after the event ends. It is the responsibility of the author to distribute the certificates to the co-authors.
  • In order for the certificate to be issued, one of the authors (author and / or co-authors) must be present at the place, date and time of presentation of the work.
  • The best works will be awarded prizes during the closing ceremony of the Congress, in a place and time to be announced on the event’s website.
  • The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the expenses of registration, lodging and transport of those who have had their abstracts approved.
  • The papers approved by the Scientific Committee will be published online in the Annals of the Brazilian Journal of Cancerology. The content of the abstracts will be the sole responsibility of the author (s).



    • Originality and currentness of the theme;
    • Adequacy of parts of the abstract and clarity of the text;
    • Relevance of content to Oncology and related fields;
    • Suitability of the method to the proposed objectives;

    Papers involving research involving human beings should comply with the ethical precepts set forth in CNS Resolution 466/2012 and Circular Letter No. 166/2018-CONEP.


  • The papers should be sent via the submission area, in the scientific papers link, and it is mandatory to fill in the fields available for acceptance of abstracts.
  • It is mandatory to submit a proof of approval from the Research Ethics Committee – CEP upon submission for all research involving human beings, and an approval opinion must be attached to the site’s own area in PDF format, as established by Resolution CNS nº 466/2012 and Circular Letter No. 166/2018-CONEP which clarifies the “case report” studies.

Each paper must contain:

  1. Title;
  2. Authors (maximum 8). Indicate for each author: the professional category, the highest academic degree, the name (s) of the department (s) and institution (s) to be assigned the work, email address, city, state and country; name, address and telephone number of the author responsible for correspondence about the manuscript.
  3. Up to 3 descriptors (DeCS Bireme –;
  4. Proof of approval by the Research Ethics Committee (CEP). Attached in the specific location on the site in PDF, when applicable.
  5. Summary, which must contain at least 150 and at most 250 words. The abstract should contain: introduction, objective, method, results and conclusion.
  6. They should not include citations, references, abbreviations, tables, tables, or figures, except in case reports that should contain introduction, case statement, and conclusion.
  7. References (up to 6) must meet Vancouver standards.


  1. Biological and Molecular Bases of Neoplasms
  2. Oncologic Surgery
  3. Clinical Oncology
  4. Multimodal Cancer Treatment
  5. Multidisciplinarity in Oncology