Olímpio Carneiro

The love story between Olímpio Carneiro and Manaus began in 1986, when he came from Ceará state to Amazonas state to open a business, at the peak of the Manaus Free Trade Zone. However, due to the financial crisis in the 90’s, with the confiscation of private funds by the Fernando Collor government, his company went bankrupt. It was then that he entered the transport business and, with his own car, began to work as a taxi driver in order to sustain his family. Very communicative and passionate about Manaus, Olímpio made a point of taking interesting routes with his clients to show the historical and tourist highlights on the way to the destination.

Over the years, Carneiro, with an entrepreneurial vision, began to change his client base by focusing on the visitors to Manaus. Years later, he took training and entrepreneurship courses. He opened his tourist agency, which, currently, is one of the most popular tourist agencies in the Amazon region.


CENTRO – 69020-011 – MANAUS – BRASIL

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